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NunaBio, the synthetic DNA spin out from Newcastle University, has closed a pre-seed funding round following private investment.

This achievement, combined with the breadth and profile of investors, demonstrates the widespread support for the company’s disruptive approach to DNA synthesis and creation of a versatile technology which can provide high quality DNA at reduced costs.

The company’s platform technology allows for the rapid, enzymatic synthesis of complex DNA at scale. This removes both the need for phosphoramidite chemistry, which produces hazardous waste, and the use of bacterial cells for amplification. The technology affords numerous market opportunities where being able to obtain complex sequences using cell-free techniques is of great value.


CTO Dr. Andrew Pike explains

“ NunaBio’s core technology has removed the drawbacks of outdated methods of DNA synthesis. We can rapidly synthesize long DNA of any sequence including homopolymer regions, repetitive sequences and modifications. Our method is highly versatile, allowing for a variety of applications across a wide range of industries.”


CEO Joe Hedley says

“ We are delighted to complete our seed funding round and are very excited about the months ahead, both in developing our bespoke products and improving on market devices with our partners. Fidelity and scale are at the heart of any biologics manufacturing, in any setting, and our technology can provide both whilst reducing overall production costs.”

NunaBio is a privately owned life sciences company based in the northeast of the UK.

Founded in 2021, our multi-patented technology can quickly produce large quantities of pure synthetic DNA using environmentally conscious processes.

NunaBio’ platform enables the synthesis of whole genes and DNA fragments of unprecedented length without the use of plasmids or primers, which are existing bottlenecks in the synthetic biology industry. Our technology has broad applications across multiple areas of life sciences, including gene therapy, T cell engineering, viral vector synthesis, hybridisation capture and targeted biomarker panels.

Our mission is to enable game changing technologies across the life sciences and biotech sectors by providing novel high-quality material at scale – we are not only making products, we are empowering the most cutting-edge technologies to make an impact on the world.

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