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About Us

At NunaBio, our mission is to unlock the full potential of genetic innovation by offering rapid synthesis of any DNA sequence.

This enables our partners to explore uncharted territories, pioneer groundbreaking discoveries, and create a better, more promising future.


NunaBio is a privately-owned specialist DNA development company.

The company has built a solid reputation for its R&D flexibility and innovative approach to complex and challenging projects.


NunaBio’s core expertise is research and development into cell-free DNA synthesis, process optimisation, route design, scale-up and small-scale manufacture for clinical studies.

We take a personal approach when working with our customers.

For all contract services, we will carry out all the necessary research needed for the development of your target products and will communicate the results to you on a regular basis.
Work with us

We work through detail design, integration, and initial testing, repeating this process to optimise the design before verification testing.

Our work is fully documented and a package of data and specifications can be assembled to allow scale up manufacture to start smoothly.

We use enzymatic processes to manufacture DNA.

Not only does this reduce the consumption of reagents, it also eliminates the use of hazardous chemicals and the production of toxic waste associated with other methods.

We are engaged in a continuous programme of improvement on environmental issues and continually work towards minimising the impact of our laboratory.

Meet the Team.

Leadership Team

Joe Hedley, PhD, MBA.

As Co-Founder and CEO, Joe has over 10 years’ experience in novel DNA based biotechnologies. Joe has developed and delivered successful sales strategies, led new business development and partnerships with SMEs, academia, and multi-nationals. Managed and led high profile (£M) and award-winning product developments with associated quality and regulatory requirements. He has also secured and managed £M10’s in UK and EU grants as well as supporting company investment to a number of SMEs.


Marie Whitehouse.

Marie brings over a decade of expertise in establishing and expanding operational frameworks within the biotech sector, from initial inception to full commercialisation. Her experience of legal negotiations, supplier relations, HR oversight, as well as international logistics and supply chain management, provides a robust foundation for our company’s future growth.


Eimer Tuite, PhD.

Eimer is Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of NunaBio. A global authority in molecular electronics, imaging, and DNA-diagnostics, Eimer brings with her a skillset that spans physics, biochemistry, and structural biology.


Andrew Pike, PhD.

Andrew is Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of NunaBio. He has over 40 peer-reviewed publications on synthesising functional DNA-based nanomaterials via enzymatic and solid-phase methods. His academic research focuses on the synthesis, structure, and function of DNA.


Board of Directors

Chris Wheatcroft.

Investment Partner
Ascension Ventures
Chris manages a portfolio of tech and fin-tech companies and has successfully fundraised and exited a number of companies within this space.


Alisa Molotova, PhD.

Investment Manager
Martlet Capital
Alisa has worked in deep science and technology and supported strategic innovation projects.


Sandy Primrose, PhD.

Non-Exec Director
Sandy has experience in the development and exploitation of new products and processes in the fields of life sciences, diagnostics, medical devices and biopharmaceuticals including the development of appropriate business strategies and troubleshooting product and process development.


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