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We make custom DNA sequences that no one else can.

NunaBio are constantly improving on their products and processes which are developed entirely in-house.


Join us in redefining possibilities in scientific discovery.

Our developments are focused on these five areas.


NunaBio’s synthetic DNA is engineered for unparalleled speed, significantly reducing research and development timelines.

With our cutting-edge technology, you can accelerate your experiments and discoveries, enabling swift progress in fields ranging from biotechnology to healthcare. Harness the power of speed to stay ahead in the race for innovation.


NunaBio’s synthetic DNA specializes in managing the complexities of the genetic code. Our technology is designed to create intricate DNA sequences that are beyond the capabilities of traditional methods.

Whether you’re delving into intricate genetic research or engineering complex biological systems, our DNA is your gateway to conquering the intricacies of life’s blueprint.


NunaBio’s synthetic DNA offers the ability to scale your genetic solutions to match your ambitions.

Whether you’re working on large-scale bioproduction or need genetic material in abundance, we provide the infrastructure to meet your demands. Unlock new possibilities with the vast scalability of our synthetic DNA solutions.


Our DNA is meticulously synthesized and rigorously quality-controlled to ensure you receive genetic material of the utmost integrity.

With our pure DNA, you can trust in the reliability and accuracy of your experiments, contributing to your success in various scientific endeavors.


Sustainability is at the core of NunaBio’s development. Our processes are entirely enzyme-based and cell-free, reducing the environmental footprint associated with genetic research.

By choosing NunaBio, you’re not only advancing science but also contributing to a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.


mRNA Manufacture.

Synthetic DNA plays a pivotal role in the production of mRNA (messenger RNA), a crucial component in modern vaccine development and therapeutic treatments.
By using NunaBio’s DNA templates, our clients can create customized mRNA molecules that instruct cells to produce desired proteins or antigens, rapidly revolutionizing their pipeline development.

Monoclonal Antibody Production.

Synthetic DNA is a key tool in the production of monoclonal antibodies, which are precision-engineered immune proteins used for targeted therapy and diagnostic purposes. NunaBio’s technology allows rapid synthesis of DNA sequences encoding the antibody’s specific and variable regions.
These antibodies are used in cancer therapy, autoimmune disease treatment, and disease diagnostics, providing more effective healthcare solutions.

Personalized Medicine.

Synthetic DNA is at the forefront of personalized medicine and at NunaBio, we can synthesize complex DNA sequences specific to a patient’s genome.
This allows researchers and CDMOs to develop customized therapies and medications which optimise treatment outcomes, minimize side effects and enhance overall patient well-being.

Plasmid DNA Manufacture.

Synthetic DNA is instrumental in the production of plasmid DNA; small, circular DNA molecules used to transfer genes into host organisms, such as bacteria and mammalian cells.
Plasmid DNA manufacture enables the development of biotechnological products, genetic research and therapeutics, making it a cornerstone of modern molecular biology.

Viral Vector Manufacture.

Synthetic DNA plays a crucial role in the creation of viral vectors. These vectors serve as vehicles for gene therapies, enabling the treatment of genetic disorders and certain diseases.
The precision and customization offered by synthetic DNA in viral vector manufacture are key to advancing these critical medical interventions.

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