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Why choose NunaBio?

NunaBio seeks to mitigate the risks associated with taking a research project to product development. 

We seamlessly work together with clients who are given secure access to our research portal where all project plans, data and reports are stored. This allows you to see everything we do at any time and simplifies collaboration, document sharing and communication while ensuring industry compliance standards (Cyber Essentials) are maintained. 

We continuously invest in our technology, facilities and personnel to ensure we are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of our clients' marketplace. Click on Demand-Led Innovation for more information.

Our technology enables us to provide unique, high quality designer DNA products with a short turnaround time and ordering from our online store is quick and simple. Click on Products and Technologies to find out more.

Demand-led Innovation

NunaBio Ltd. supports the development and translation of innovative technologies into new and existing products. We deliver 'demand-led' innovation, working with our...
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Products and Store

NunaBio Ltd. offers a variety of easy-to-use, high quality products and innovative technologies. Our products include a range of synthetic DNA sequences and DNA-modified...
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Working with NunaBio

We work through detail design, integration and initial testing, repeating this process to optimise the design before verification testing.

Our work is fully documented and a package of data and specifications can be assembled to allow scale up manufacture to start smoothly.  

We have extensive experience in Process Validation, Project Management to Phase 2 Manufacturing Criteria, Change Management and Quality Assurance to Regulatory standards (MHRA; FDA). 

Our operations management is led by a Lead Auditor qualified in Quality Management (ISO9001), Medical Devices (ISO13485), Laboratory Testing (ISO17025), Information Security (ISO27001), and Environmental Management (ISO14001).  

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