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NunaBio is awarded ISO9001 certification

NunaBio is proud to announce our successful certification to ISO 9001:2015, an internationally recognised Quality Management Standard which ensures that our products and services meet the needs of our clients through an effective Quality...

09 May 2022

NunaBio demonstrates a novel technology for confirming the presence of E. coli

NunaBio Ltd. have successfully used their enhanced sensing platform to confirm the presence of a known sequence of DNA with confidence. It has been previously demonstrated that detecting the presence of a DNA sequence using a short probe is less...

07 July 2021

NunaBio demonstrates sensing technology that could predict a predisposition to colorectal cancer

In an attempt to demonstrate technology that distinguishes between single base errors in DNA, NunaBio Ltd. have tested their enhanced signal technology using DNA sequences associated with colorectal cancer. It is of interest to understand the...

20 May 2021

NunaBio Manufactures Unique DNA

NunaBio Ltd have developed a PCR method for preparing long DNA, consisting of multiple repeat units of one to forty base pairs. We can produce customised DNA that contains multiple repeating sequences of up to 40 base pairs - Designer DNA. Our...

04 May 2021

NunaBio Develops Enhanced Sensing Technology

NunaBio Ltd have developed an enhanced sensing platform which is able to distinguish between small differences in a target nucleobase sequence. The company’s first product is a fluorescence-based technology which greatly enhances the signal. The...

29 April 2021

NunaBio Completes Seed Funding

NunaBio Ltd. Secures Seed Funding for Breakthrough Sensing Technology NunaBio Ltd. has closed a Seed Funding following private investment. This achievement, combined with the breadth and profile of investors, demonstrates the widespread support...

22 April 2021

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Working with NunaBio

We work through detail design, integration and initial testing, repeating this process to optimise the design before verification testing.

Our work is fully documented and a package of data and specifications can be assembled to allow scale up manufacture to start smoothly.  

We have extensive experience in Process Validation, Project Management to Phase 2 Manufacturing Criteria, Change Management and Quality Assurance to Regulatory standards (MHRA; FDA). 

Our operations management is led by a Lead Auditor qualified in Quality Management (ISO9001), Medical Devices (ISO13485), Laboratory Testing (ISO17025), Information Security (ISO27001), and Environmental Management (ISO14001).  

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