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NunaBio Awarded Innovate UK Funding to Develop its Novel DNA-Based Technology

By Press Release

NunaBio, the synthetic DNA spin out from Newcastle University, has been awarded its first Innovate UK funding for the development of its novel DNA-based technology.

The company, founded on research from the Pike/Tuite Group, will use the funding to expand and develop technology which allows the rapid, scalable, enzymatic synthesis of very long DNA. Primary applications include integration into improved biosensors, synthesis of cell and gene therapies and development of DNA-based reagents and consumables.


CTO Dr Andrew Pike says

“ Our approach enables us to synthesize DNA that contains a greater variety of repeat units beyond those that are currently available. I believe, as we build designer sequences of DNA, that this will create many possibilities for us to explore in the future.”


NunaBio are currently exploring the application of this technology in early disease detection and bacterial analysis.

NunaBio is a privately owned life sciences company based in the northeast of the UK.

Founded in 2021, our multi-patented technology can quickly produce large quantities of pure synthetic DNA using environmentally conscious processes.

NunaBio’ platform enables the synthesis of whole genes and DNA fragments of unprecedented length without the use of plasmids or primers, which are existing bottlenecks in the synthetic biology industry. Our technology has broad applications across multiple areas of life sciences, including gene therapy, T cell engineering, viral vector synthesis, hybridisation capture and targeted biomarker panels.

Our mission is to enable game changing technologies across the life sciences and biotech sectors by providing novel high-quality material at scale – we are not only making products, we are empowering the most cutting-edge technologies to make an impact on the world.

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