22 April 2021

NunaBio Completes Seed Funding

NunaBio Ltd. Secures Seed Funding for Breakthrough Sensing Technology 

NunaBio Ltd. has closed a Seed Funding following private investment. This achievement, combined with the breadth and profile of investors, demonstrates the widespread support for the company's novel biosensing approach and creation of a versatile technology which can provide high accuracy at reduced costs.

The developer’s platform technology enhances signals produced using conventional techniques. These enhanced signals enable highly accurate yes or no questions regarding the presence of a known sequence of DNA and also allow for differentiation between discreet differences in DNA, an essential requirement for genetic testing. This affords numerous market opportunities where the accuracy of the test is important and provides increased confidence for point of test devices.

CTO Dr. Andrew Pike explains ‘NunaBio's core technology has removed the drawbacks of label-free detection and enables more reliable and accurate sensing of the target DNA. We can rapidly detect a small number of base discrepancies in a DNA sequence using conventional approaches. Our method is highly versatile, allowing for a variety of applications in biological sensing with both electrical and optical readout systems.'

CEO Joe Hedley says ‘We are delighted to complete our seed round funding and are very excited about the months ahead, both in developing our bespoke devices and improving on market devices with our partners. Accuracy, and therefore confidence, are at the heart of any biosensor device, in any setting, and our technology can provide both whilst reducing overall production costs.'

Working with NunaBio

We work through detail design, integration and initial testing, repeating this process to optimise the design before verification testing.

Our work is fully documented and a package of data and specifications can be assembled to allow scale up manufacture to start smoothly.  

We have extensive experience in Process Validation, Project Management to Phase 2 Manufacturing Criteria, Change Management and Quality Assurance to Regulatory standards (MHRA; FDA). 

Our operations management is led by a Lead Auditor qualified in Quality Management (ISO9001), Medical Devices (ISO13485), Laboratory Testing (ISO17025), Information Security (ISO27001), and Environmental Management (ISO14001).  

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