20 August 2021

NunaBio Manufactures Unique DNA

NunaBio Ltd have developed a PCR method for preparing long DNA, consisting of multiple repeat units of one to forty base pairs.

We can produce customised DNA that contains multiple repeating sequences of up to 40 base pairs - Designer DNA. Our method is extremely flexible with regard to the sequence and total number of repeat units.

We have recently scaled this method to produce up to grams of a target DNA sequence. The sequences currently available are [A]n/[T]n, [G]n/[C]n, [AT]n/[TA]n, [GC]n/[CG]n, [GATC]n/[CTAG]n, and [GTAC]n/[CATG]n, where n is between 5,000 and 10,000.

Multiple heat–cool extension cycles rapidly elongate to produce long DNA with uniformly repeating sequences to over 40 kilobases (kb) in length.

CTO Dr Andrew Pike says 'Our approach enables us to synthesise DNA that contains a greater variety of repeat units beyond those that are currently available. I believe, as we build designer sequences of DNA, that this will create many possibilities for us to explore in the future.'

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Working with NunaBio

We work through detail design, integration and initial testing, repeating this process to optimise the design before verification testing.

Our work is fully documented and a package of data and specifications can be assembled to allow scale up manufacture to start smoothly.  

We have extensive experience in Process Validation, Project Management to Phase 2 Manufacturing Criteria, Change Management and Quality Assurance to Regulatory standards (MHRA; FDA). 

Our operations management is led by a Lead Auditor qualified in Quality Management (ISO9001), Medical Devices (ISO13485), Laboratory Testing (ISO17025), Information Security (ISO27001), and Environmental Management (ISO14001).  

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